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Agriland is a team of scientists and professionals having their core expertise in plant pathology, microbiology and entomology. Pioneered with agri-biotechnology inputs in 1994, the company is one of the leading one-stop solution providers for bio-intensive agriculture. Effective Plant protection is an essential part of any crop production programme. Frequent sprays for controlling insects and diseases are made even without any pre-assured results. These injudicious sprays endanger environment and increase crop production cost without guaranteeing yields. In spite of using better seeds, precise fertilizers, good quality water, hard labor and farm mechanization, crops can be a miserable failure, if the plant protection measures are incorrect. Farming thus becomes a challenge with respect to the formidable threats from insects and diseases. Agriland is constantly endeavoring to innovate and develop biological plant protection and plant nutrition products of high field efficacies. The company has adopted an environmentally robust, world class manufacturing technology called Surface Technology, which is one of its kinds in the sector and the products manufactured through this technology are of the highest standards. This technology has been licensed from Enformtech, New Zealandd (, This apart, we have technology transfer tie-ups with TERI-DBT, New Delhi and BARC, Mumbai. We have our own R&D thrust that has added many bioprocesses, products, formulations in our basket. Surface Technology allows farmers easy access towards availing high potency plant protection products from the market thereby giving them safe and effective options. The products are highly potent, offer highest guaranteed colony forming units and are water soluble thereby gaining overwhelming response and respect because of their user friendly attributes and high field efficacies.

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BIOLOGICAL INSECTICIDES Beauveria bassiana, 1x109 cfu/gm Biosoft is a high cfu, high potency bioinsecticide. Working with broad spectrum activity, it exerts chitin inhibition on insects' cuticles. As soon as the caterpillars and sucking insects come into the contacts with Biosoft, it starts proliferating on insects, inhibits chitin synthesis and kills the target insects' bodies. Noticeably, Biosoft fungus grows rigorously on insects and forms mummies which spread disease epizootics among insects appearing at later stages. This makes sprays effective and cross-infective for longer period, thereby reduces the cost significantly.Biosoft is water soluble, low dose, high efficacy product. Upon spraying, it leaves no stain on leaves and can be tank-mixed with half doses of chemical insecticides and all sulphur based fungicides. SPECIALITY Water soluble, Low dose, high field efficacy, no staining on sprayed leaf surfaces and can be tank-mixed with half doses of chemical insecticides and all Sulphur based fungicides. TARGET All caterpillars, mealy bugs and all other sucking insects. APPLICATIONS Spray Biosoft @ 1 gm/litre water for the control of all caterpillars, mealy bugs and other sucking insects. Drench Biosoft in soil @ 1 gm/litre for soil inhabiting insects. Do not tank-mix chemical fungicides. Apply Biosoft and Monitor as cocktail application, when crop is attacked by insects and black sooty mold at the same time. Use Runoff-100 @ 5mI/15 Itr water along with Biosoft for better results. BIOSOFT-MONITOR COCKTAIL APPLICATION When Mango, Citrus, Grapes, Cotton and other crops are attacked by sucking insects, hoppers, mealy bugs etc. with simultaneous attack of black sooty mould, apply Biosoft and Monitor both by tank-mixing 125 gm each one along with 200 litre water to control insects and mould just by single spray. Use APNA-80 5ml/15 litre water along with Biosoft for better results
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